Starflower HealingPhoto ©2007 Mary Sue Comstock

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From the heart
of the earth
we come
The kind
Mother of Life
and of All
And if you think
She is not wise
You should know
that Flowers are
her songs.

— Native American song

Sweetheart - found starving in the street in Taos,
now recovered and living with Mary Sue

StarFlower Consultations



Mary Sue & SweetheartStarflower Healing for Animals and People with Mary Sue Comstock offers hands-on and distance Healing Touch for Animals® Sessions for both small and large animals.
Energy Therapy Sessions for People using Healing Touch® techniques can help with stress and anxiety, emotional, spiritual and physical issues. Click Healing Services for more detailed information.

What is Healing Touch for Animals®?

Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is a hands-on healing method in which the practitioner uses her hands to clear, energize and balance the energy field around an animal's body so that relaxation and healing can take place. In the healing touch process, the animal relaxes, allowing endorphins to be released, muscles to relax, circulation to be increased, hormones to be regulated, toxins to be released and the immune system to be regulated – all these factors help to create healing.

NOTE: HTA® techniques are designed to enhance the healing process, and do not replace traditional veterinary medicine or veterinary healthcare.

How can Healing Touch for Animals® help?

  • Very beneficial for animals that have suffered abuse or abandonment; for example, animals adopted from a shelter.
  • Excellent for reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Aids in preparation for medical treatments and with follow-up care after medical treatments.
  • Helps with injuries and illnesses.
  • Helpful for chronic conditions, for example, arthritis .
  • Helps relieve stress related to transporting to a new home. >Click to learn more about my new service for animal relocation support!
  • Helps with pain-control.
  • Helps with behavioral issues.
  • Healing Touch can be very beneficial during the euthanasia process to soothe and support your animal friend in his or her passing.

Mary Sue Comstock, MA, CPHTA, CFEP

Mary Sue Comstock, Certified Healing Touch for Animals® Practitioner, offers hands-on and distance Healing Touch for Animals® sessions for both small and large animals. She works with many different kinds of animals, including dogs, horses, cats and birds. Mary Sue is also a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner and utilizes flower and gem essences and aromatherapy in her practice as well as using her animal communication skills. She makes home visits for animal clients when possible (i.e. if the client lives close enough).
Mary Sue has a Master's Degree in Transformational Counseling and offers, for her human clients, flower and gem essence consultations in both in-person and telephone sessions. She also offers for her human clients energy sessions using Healing Touch® Techniques. To learn more, contact Mary Sue at:

mermaidcomstock@yahoo.comMSC|msc(575) 770-9596


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