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I am very grateful to Flower Essence Services for allowing me to use their beautiful photographs.
I would also like to thank Kani Comstock for her photograph, "Mary Sue By the Ocean,"
and Julia Ruth Claus for her photographs of Mary Sue and Sweetheart.

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• Kani Comstock


Photo Credits

The following photos were taken by Richard Katz ©Flower Essence Society, used by permission; permission is required for re-use. For more information contact 800-736-9222 or visit


Other photos:

• Hollyhock: ©Mary Sue Comstock

• "Healing Services for Animals and People" page: all photos ©Mary Sue Comstock

• "Testimonials" page: Daisy photo ©Calix, International Journal of
Flower Essence Therapy, Vol. 1, p.6.

• "About Mary Sue" page: Mary Sue By The Ocean, ©Kani Comstock.

All images found on this site are copyrighted and may not be used for any purposes whatsoever
unless permission is obtained.


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