Mary Sue and Curly
Curly and Mary Sue

Willow Tortoiseshell

Pooch Goes to Hawaii

Alan and Friend

Deva the Cockatiel

Silently, one by one, in
the infinite meadows of Heaven, Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the Angels.

- H.W. Longfellow
Evangeline, I, 1847


Healing Services for Animals 

cbON-SITE Healing Touch for Animals® SESSIONS for your animal friend(s) -- dogs, horses, cats, birds and other animals.  Sessions last approximately one hour and include a flower essence remedy prepared especially for your animal friend when needed.  When possible,  I will come to your home to do the session.

cbLONG-DISTANCE Healing Touch for Animals® SESSIONS for your animal friend(s).  The whole session lasts approximately one hour and works in the following way:  we first talk on the phone to discuss your animal friend s situation and the reason for treatment.  After our discussion, we hang up and I will do the long distance treatment.  During the time of treatment you will preferably be present (if possible)  with your  animal friend to observe any responses to the treatment. After the treatment, I will call you to  discuss the treatment and what I have found.  If desired, a flower/gem essence remedy can be prepared and mailed to you for an additional charge.

cbSPECIAL PACKAGE - SUPPORT FOR ANIMALS BEING TRANSPORTED (usually by air).  This is a unique package of services to support animals (horses, dogs, cats, etc.) being transported (usually by air) for example, from mainland United States to Hawaii and vice versa. I designed this service to help your animal move through this experience as smoothly and happily as possible.
cb This package of services includes three long-distance Healing Touch for Animals® Sessions. The first session takes place prior to the animal’s departure, and the second and third sessions take place when the animal reaches his or her new destination. The purpose of these sessions is to calm, support, reassure, and balance your animal during this transition. If desired, a Flower/Gem Essence remedy can be prepared and mailed to you for an additional charge.
cb I have had the experience of moving to and from Hawaii with my much loved dog, Pooch.  I know from personal experience how traumatic moving/transporting your beloved animal friend(s) can be both for your friend(s) and yourself.  This package of services will help minimize any trauma your animal friend may experience.

Martina and Pooch

cbFLOWER AND GEM ESSENCE CONSULTATIONS FOR YOUR ANIMAL FRIEND.  In a flower/gem essence consultation for your Animal friend, your friend's personality and life situation will be assessed and a flower/gem essence remedy will be prepared especially for him or her. The consultation lasts approximately one-half hour.
cbConditions in animals which can be successfully treated with flower and gem essences include fear (e.g. of thunderstorms, loud noises, etc.); jealousy (e.g., when a new puppy is introduced into the household); depression and grief and many other conditions. 

Healing Services for People 

cbENERGY THERAPY SESSIONS FOR PEOPLE using Healing Touch techniques. In an Energy Therapy Session, Mary Sue uses both hands-on and hands-off the body techniques to clear, energize and balance the client’s energy field. This allows relaxation and healing to occur. The goal in Healing Touch is to restore harmony and balance in the energy system, placing the client in a position to self-heal. Healing Touch can help with stress and anxiety, emotional, physical and spiritual issues. A session lasts approximately one hour. If desired, a Flower/Gem Essence Remedy can be prepared for an additional charge to give ongoing support and healing.

cbConsultations are available by phone and in person and  last approximately one hour.  In a consultation, the client is asked what areas of life he or she would like help with and is given space to express any feelings that come up around this in an atmosphere of non-judgement and support.  The client is also given ways of working with the issue in question (for example, visualization, affirmations, art projects, journaling, etc.)  I use my counseling skills and experience to facilitate this process.  Specific flower and gem essences are recommended and a flower/gem essence remedy is prepared (and sent to the client if this is a telephone consultation.) Support and encouragement are an important part of the process. For optimal effectiveness, a series of consultations is recommended.

cbfor people, using Healing Touch® techniques. A session lasts approximately one hour.
cbAll consultations are completely confidential.