The True Story of The Star Flower

Once upon a time, a young woman moved into a townhouse apartment in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The apartment was nice but there wasn't much of a yard – only a small square of packed dirt in the back, fenced in on all three sides. There was nothing in the yard – no grass, only packed dirt baked hard by the hot Southwestern sun – with the exception of one very small, bedraggled plant with two frayed leaves in one corner up against the fence.

The young woman loved to garden and had visions of creating a beautiful nature sanctuary in this rather unpromising space. Her first impulse was to pull out the bedraggled plant immediately so she could start with a clean slate for her plans. On second thought, she decided to water this plant which had struggled so bravely to survive and just see what it turned into. And so she did – she watered the plant and watched it grow. And it grew and grew, shooting up a stalk, putting out healthy green leaves, budding out and finally blossoming. Its blossom was a magical thing to see – beautiful pink petals and, in the center, a golden star.

The young woman couldn't believe her eyes. "That's amazing," she said. "I can't believe that beautiful flower came from what once was such a down and out plant. And what's even more amazing – that's actually the logo for my business – a star in the center of a flower, StarFlower, representing alignment with spirit (the stars) and with the earth (the flowers) or put another way with Father Sky and Mother Earth."

So, the moral of this story is that if we water and nurture a plant, an animal, a person – it too will grow, leaf out and flower in its own individual and special way, for the seeds of its potential lie deep within itself and only need the right environment and care to call it forth. In the same way, true healing aids and allows that beautiful flower within each one of us (whether we be a plant, animal or human being) to shine forth.

So, this is the true story of the beautiful flower shown on the home page. The young woman is myself when I lived in Albuquerque, NM some years ago.