Until one has loved
an animal,
a part of one's soul
remains unawakened.

— Anatole France






























Testimonials about Mary Sue’s work with animals

"My original reason for contacting Mary Sue was because my German-Belgian Shepherd male had some kind of accident which affected his hips and hind legs, making it difficult for him to walk. Mary Sue worked with him with Healing Touch® and provided a flower essence remedy appropriate to his situation. Within three sessions, Benjamin was well-balanced, walking well and off pain-killers.
shim"Mary Sue is a wonderful healer who obviously loves and cares for animals in the best possible ways. In addition, she is professional and reliable. I especially appreciate all I have learned from her about relating to animals. She has opened their spiritual nature to me, helped me to communicate with them clearly, and has shown me how true healing with animals can occur."
— Barbara U. Jones, Ph.D.
Taos, New Mexico

Mary Sue Testimonials"We first met Mary Sue when we adopted our nine year old dog, Oliver, from Stray Hearts Animal Shelter in Taos, NM. Ollie came to the Shelter in a very ragged state. Not only was he uncared for, thin and hungry, he has very bad hip displaysia. Ollie was operated on by a local vet to try to remedy this problem in one hip. We met him right before the operation and decided to adopt him as soon as we could. He is a remarkable dog with lots of spirit. Mary Sue was with Ollie at the Shelter and gave him treatment after his surgery. When we asked Mary Sue to follow up with Ollie at home, it was amazing to see his reaction to seeing her again. Ollie remembers her every time we see her. I think it is simply that he remembers she is the person who helped him feel better. What a testament to her abilities!
Mary Sue Testimonials"When Mary Sue provided home treatment she was confident, professional and wonderful to work with. Oliver's confidence in the world has been a big issue. With the proper remedy and healing touch, he blossomed even more.
Mary Sue Testimonials" I also want to mention Mary Sue's treatment of our cat, Keeta, who was having a bout of bad skin allergies. The treatment and remedy helped tremendously and gave her much needed relief. Our family owes much to Mary Sue's thoughtful and professional treatment. We give her our highest regard and hope to work with her more in the future."
— Barbara Vickers
Taos, New Mexico

Mary Sue Testimonials"Mary Sue has been practicing Healing Touch with several dogs (at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter), in particular with a terrier named "Puffy." This dog was scheduled for euthanasia and Mary Sue, along with another staff member, stepped up to the plate to save his life. Mary Sue has provided a schedule of sessions for Puffy's rehabilitation and has followed through every step of the way. She has also been willing to utilize Healing Touch in coordination with behavior management and dietary changes that have reduced Puffy's stress level. Due to Mary Sue's efforts, Puffy is looking forward to a new life as a well-mannered dog."
— Marty Sheets
Executive Director,
Stray Hearts Animal Shelter
Taos, New Mexico

Note: I am delighted to report that Puffy -- who once was a fear biter and used to be frozen in fear in the presence of people -- is now living happily with a wonderful family in Taos, New Mexico. He is truly "Puffy in Paradise." - Mary Sue